• ECIG @ 11: Vaping a decade and a one!


    E-CIG.com pride itself for being able to deliver excellence, value and quality all through its run for more than a decade now. 

    To last for a year is already a milestone but to remain solid, focus and strong for 11 years is a breakthrough. E-CIG.com gears up for a bigger and better year to serve inexhaustibly its global clientele who has been loyal and supportive all this time. Our Success has been realized because of the unwavering involvement of all the Vaping Patrons all around the world. The needs of our clients for E-cigarettes and E-liquids have grown so much so as the trust and reliance they are giving us – this drives us to strive for more innovative ideas and fresh new solutions.

    In celebration for our 11 years in the industry, everyone is invited to come to our website and discover the array of opportunities we have in stored. Catch the below promotion as we revel this milestone together!

    20140411Together, let’s bring Vaping to a whole new experience. We will come triumphant in this healthier, cleaner and greener smoking lifestyle. Let’s continue the brigade for a better smoking solution. Break the Cigar habit, Switch to E-Cigarette.



    The widest selections, the freshest choices and the newest innovations are here at E-CIG.COM — Your hottest one-stop online shop for E-cigarette and E-liquid!


    Discover newfangled and powerful E-Cigarette tools! Offering advanced technologies and innovative mechanisms, our newest E-Cigarette kits embodied style and eminence for a very affordable price.



    Indulge your senses with our lively and colorful new atomizers. Change your atomizer according to your mood or outfit of the day! Match them with your favorite E-Liquid! Expect bigger things when you start the change!



    Find yourself in the tip of technology with our newest and most innovative battery systems. Structured to allow you maximize both your atomizer and E-liquid, be prepared to start elevating your Vaping jiffies.


    These items are first-quarter offering of E-CIG.com. Expect the biggest and the grandest product lines in the coming months. Keep on visiting our site for more updates. We are also available on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Googleplus and Youtube) for real-time and warmer conversations. 



    E-CIG.COM continues to follow its mantra to continuously bring holistic improvement and innovation to the brand for the benefit of the Vaping community. Along with this progress is the company’s steadfast commitment to remain true to its branding to gratify partners and satisfy customers.

    E-CIG.com announces price increase on ALL e-liquid products starting March 25, 2014. The company has put an enormous amount of effort revamping its product catalog for better Vaping experience. This increase is driven by the improved taste quality and brand-new packaging and labeling of the brand’s renowned E-liquids.

    Newly improved flavor formula and updated catalog has been posted in the website a week ago to introduce this latest overhaul.


    Anticipate new and fresh offered services such as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and LYE (Label-YourOwn-ELiquid) programs. This will enable consumers to customize not only the liquid base, nicotine density and flavor but also the label feature of the e-liquid.

    Expect no less but only great surprises! E-CIG.COM will also offer new innovative E-liquid category that is a wonder among its class. E-Nature will come to sooth our delicate taste for nature-inspired favorites.

    We have been producing the best and most affordable e-liquids in the world in years; we will still be the undisputed brand producing the widest ranging and most affordable e-liquid, both in wholesale and retail.

    You deserve the taste worthy of your bucks!


  • Meet the Kit that Lives up to the Name it Bears, AMAZING Giant 1300!


    AMAZING Giant 1300
    Your Vaping Moments, Redefined

    Meet AMAZING Giant 1300the kit that lives up to name it bears. It has multiple remarkable features which is considerably a wonder among its class. An advance figure from the EGO / CE Series, Amazing G1300 is a stunner with 3 glossy colors; Blue, Stainless and Black roofed with anti-scratch technology.


    This two-piece Electronic Cigarette unit is composed of a revolutionary Pyrex Glass Atomizer with no-wick system. It has an innovative Air-flow scheme carried by the Vent-holes at the bottom of the tank.  The atomizer guarantees an excellent warm vapor with a superb clean flavor.

    Light weighted battery for a compact and convenient feel. It has the newest rotatable bottom adjustment for a powerful five (5) flexible voltage changes starting from the lowest 3.2V to 4.8V. Along with a notable advance technology of low-voltage alarm, overheat protection system and 5-click lock navigation.

    Simply, Amazing!

    amazingKit includes:

    • 1pc 1300mAh Winder VV Battery
    • 1pc Smok Pyrex ARO Tank With 2.4Ohm Coil
    • 2pcs 2.4Ohm Bottom Coil Replacements
    • 1pc 420mA USB Charger
    • 1pc 500mA USB AC Adapter
    • 10ml E-liquid


    • Do not use the device if the atomizer is empty.
    • Avoid welding the battery directly or puncturing it with a nail or other sharp objects. Do not throw the battery into water.
    • Please do not put Amazing E-Cigarette nearby any high temperature places/object; otherwise the heating element inside the Atomizer might be affected.
    • Do not use the unit in an upside down position.

    Amazing G1300 is part of the new innovations E-CIG.COM is incorporating in the first quarter of the year. A lot more surprises are coming, so keep your heads up and your love for E-cigarette, BIG!



    Live young, happy and free! Feel the colorful month of March as we put down all our best-selling Atomizers on Sale! Change the color of your atomizer each day following whichever mood you wear!

    20140306Quick Info: An atomizer is a device that converts a stream of liquid into a fine spray or smoke. It is an integral part of an electronic cigarette as it holds E-liquid.

    Related good read: E-CIG.COM Dictionary

    You can mix and match a powerful battery with your favorite atomizer for a complete Vaping variation! Here’s a compatibility sheet you can refer to guide you finding a great pair for Vapor Satisfaction.

    CompatibilityKeep your ECIG wardrobe up to date and satisfied. Avail all colors, get more designs, and have fun shopping this Atomizer Month!

  • X6 Transformed! Introducing X6 Bumble Bee!



    “Deliver, Exceed, Transform”

    Delivers exceptional satisfaction - X6 Bumble Bee is highly power-efficient. Its system is calculated to provide 5 times more puffs than the conventional e-cigarette. It features soft key button for an outstanding operational feel.

    Exceeds standard visuals – – X6 Bumble Bee is visually astounding. Its design is structured to take you away from the traditional E-cigarette models. It is made of stainless steel coated with scratch-proof tint materials.

    Transforms more Vaping moments – – X6 Bumble Bee is chiefly adaptable to 3 variable Voltages. It entails 3 different colors of LED lights to signal levels of voltage and vapor production. It carries the 5 click protection system to turn off and on the unit as well as to change the voltage capacity.

    20140228 Bumble Bee

    Experience X6 Bumble Bee Technology

    X6 Bumble bee offers variable voltage technology where in you can change the voltage level of your kit for maximized Vaping experience. This newest modification to E-cigarette (we call now as MOD) can pave a way for you to extra enjoy our wide variety of e-liquids! With variable voltage, you can explore more flavors on our catalogue and match it with your preferred voltage level. The higher the voltage, the more vapor production it can provide!

    Plus, it has short-circuit and overtime-smoking protection for a guaranteed safe and efficient usage. With the low-voltage alarm, the unit will stop working and blinks 10 times in case drops to a lower voltage than 3.3v

    x6bVoltage Configuration:

    1. X6 bumble bee has 5-click protection system. Press 5 times within 3 seconds in order to power on and off the battery. This is also the procedure to change the unit’s voltage capacity.
    2. The RED LED light represents the lowest output volt and vapor volume.
    3. The PURPLE LED light indicates medium output volt and vapor volume.
    4. BLUE LED light corresponds to the highest output volt and vapor volume.


    Watch how awesome it works!

    For more product details and price information, redirect here:

    This is just one of the newest offerings this first quarter of the year from your number 1 provider of quality E-cigarettes and E-liquids, ECIG.COM! .  More revolutionary products will come out soon!



    It’s a wrap!

    The newest and hottest E-Cigarette and E-liquid items today had found a shelter in the recently concluded Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo happened in the renowned major resort city, Las Vegas!

    The Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall was jampacked by entrepreneurs and E-Cigarette enthusiast last January 29-30, 2014 for the gathering of the biggest names in Electronic Cigarette industry. The two-day event provided an excellent avenue where people of the same interests meet for a common end – to reinforce and support the modern day smoking practice through electronic Cigarette.

    E-CIG.COM as one of the pioneers to revolutionize the smoking habit of the world continues to walk its brigade to bring a healthier, cleaner and greener solution for people’s alternative smoking. This is the second Exposition this 2014 that the company has attended.

    Read also: http://blog.e-cig.com/2014-international-ces-with-e-cig-com/

    Free items, short seminars and wholesale opportunities were made available in the entire run of the show especially to all the entrepreneurs who came across at our South hall booth 556h.

    Aside from the overwhelming experience with all the participants who graced the show and shared their inputs and idea for the continuous revolution of the Electronic Cigarette Market, it is very noteworthy the attendance of the biggest brands in E-cigarette and E-Liquid industry.




    E-CIG.com beats the end of January 2014 attending another hit convention where manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers gather to celebrate the bountiful success of the tobacco industry.  We join the TPC (Tobacco Plus Convenience) Expo happening in Las Vegas Convention Center on the 29th to 30th January, 2014.

    The Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo is a trade show for manufacturers and distributors who are provided a venue for exhibiting their tobacco products and related merchandise.

    As a result of a carefully planned marketing strategy, more than two thousand people attend this annual event to place orders, network and participate in the educational sessions to learn better business strategy that will increase their bottom lines.

    Registrants at the show represent tobacco retail stores, tobacconists, convenience stores, wholesalers, importers/exporters, manufacturers, consultants and others who are in the tobacco industry.

    Press reporting at this important event is represented by national media and magazines that target specific categories within the tobacco industry.

    Read the source here: http://www.tobaccoplusexpo.com/


    It’s no less than our products which are trusted across the globe for almost a decade that will be present on the said Expo. Starting from our famous and wide-ranging E-Liquid catalogs from our best-selling and powerful E-Cigarette models; all of them will be part of the show. Expect official stage launches including presentation of the First E-Cigarette Vending Machine.

    Consumers and wholesalers will definitely love all our original manufactured products. We will be giving out coupons and product souvenirs, free educative sit-ons and a whole lot more! Only from your number one partner for all your alternative tobacco smoking needs - E-CIG.COM.

    Join us at South Hall 1, booth number 556h.



    DID YOU KNOW? Our Menthol-Flavored E-Liquid can temporarily affect your sense of taste whenever trying a different flavor. Due to its strong taste and prevalent feel, the next immediate flavor you will try may not be as good as it should be.


    E-CIG TIP:
    Whenever Vaping a Menthol flavored E-Liquid, you may wait for 1 hour after you try another flavor so that the taste and feel of the strong menthol flavored E-Liquid can already subside. This way, you will be able to enjoy the maximum taste and feel of other flavors in our wide-ranging E-Liquid Catalogue.

    All our E-Liquids come with US FDA approved materials to ensure the maximum safety for all our clients and customers.
    • All of our flavoring is GRAS approved
    • We practice cGMP guidelines
    • We carry full “Product Liability” Insurance for our fluids that is extended to your company and through to your retail clients, which lowers your liability exposure.
    • Our base mix is comprised of “USP Grade, Kosher” materials that allows you to market anywhere in the world.

  • 2014 International CES with E-CIG.COM


    download (2)A lot of companies from electronic industries across the globe were able to get enormous branding opportunities from the recently concluded 2014 International CES show.

    From modern cameras to cars and engines, from major telecommunication brands to the biggest names in electronic-operated devices, from newly conceptualized high-tech merchandises to the most popular ones; all of these were able to grace the most successful tech brand exposition in the world.

    download (3)The fans were unwavering during the 3-day run of the show starting January 6th until 9th of this year.  The show managed to trend in the micro blogging site Twitter and was able to gather good reviews from the 150,000 people/consumers who have witnessed the awesome gathering of the biggest electronic brands from the global commerce.

    E-CIG.COM’s presence at booth 35888 delighted all non-smoking fans including first-time entrepreneurs and potential E-CIG users. People flocks during the launch of the brand’s newest product offerings for 2014 namely, ECIGO Battery, HS-G2 and EGA 8 Atomizers, EGA-10 Slim E-Cigarette for women and the First in history, the ECIG Vending Machine.

    E-CIG.com as one of the pioneers in E-Cigarette business, having ale to introduce many of the firsts in E-CIG history once again created a milestone by joining the International CES 2014 show. From the biggest names in the electronic industry, E-CIG.COM manages to step up the game especially for the E-Cigarette and E-Liquid Market.

    Not only that, the brand you have trusted all your alternative smoking needs is joining the biggest and grandest upcoming brand expositions and E-Cigarette Shows in the world following with:

    Tobacco Show

    Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1 Booth 599h

    January 29 & 30, 2014


    Las Vegas Convention Center

    March 19, 2014

    Night Club and Bar Convention and Trade Show

    Las Vegas Convention, Center B booth 1453

    March 25 & 26, 2014

    You are always invited to visit us on these events! The brigade for a better smoking habit starts with us! with you!